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Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve Got Questions - We’ve Got Answers

Does everyone qualify for coverage?

While we do have plans in which underwriters look at pre-existing conditions, we also have "guaranteed issue" plans.  So yes, we can cover anyone.

Do I have to wait until the "open enrollment" period to apply for private insurance?

No, that is only for ACA/Obamacare and government plans.  We offer private insurance which is available year round.

Is private insurance expensive?

Generally speaking, private insurance is less expensive than policies purchased on the marketplace, an employer, and Cobra.

What are the biggest differences between ACA/Obamacare, Employer plans, and private insurance?

ACA/Obamacare is major medical coverage that you cannot be denied for due to pre-existing conditions.  It can be affordable, but that's IF you get a government subsidy on the monthly premiums. If you aren't getting that discount, it is way more expensive than most plans out there.

Employer provided plans are great for the employee themselves, but the minute you add a family member to the plan, that premium is going to skyrocket. This is because employers usually give benefits towards their employees but the family will be paying full price to be added on to the plan.

Private insurance is health-based so there is an application process because not everyone may qualify based on health. If you're healthy, you'll get a preferred rate.  So it is cheaper than most plans and you get better coverage.

Are these year long contracts?

There is no required length of time.  You have the plan because you need

Will private plans cover me anywhere I go?

Absolutely!  Our plans provide nationwide coverage (on and off the job).  They are PPO plans so you aren't limited to coverage in your geographic area like many other plans.

What are insurance prices based on?

Public Marketplace plans (ACA/Obamacare) are based on age and income, but private plans are based on health.  This helps us to offer avoidable and tailored plans.

Is this just health insurance?  What about dental, vision, etc.?

We offer a wide range of solutions in addition to our excellent health insurance.  We have Dental, Vision, Life, Supplemental, Critical Illness, Income Protection (short-term disability), and more. 

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