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How we started

It would be nice to say that FFS was started because I had a passion for insurance, but that would not be true.  The company was started because I wanted to create a business that could provide good jobs for myself and my "work-family".  Unfortunately, like many businesses across the country, the company that I had spent over 20 years working to make great began the process of laying off US employees and outsourcing our jobs overseas.  Watching so many people I love go through that process was heart-breaking.

As I continued to watch the lay-offs impact more and more families, I noticed that there was a fairly large pool gathering of extremely talented people who were all looking for jobs.  After 20 years together, many of those people weren't just co-workers, they truly were an extension of my family.  That family had taken a little company in a basement in south-west Georgia, and turned it into a true titan in the telecommunications industry.  Unfortunately the company outgrew it's small-town roots, but it left behind family of people with a world-class skillset.  With a family as capable as this, I knew we could start a successful family-run business.  All we needed was the right product, and we certainly found it.  

All Hands In
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